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Written on 29 Jun 2014 | No Comments

Everyone seems to be in a hurry to mourn the demise of the infamous Tiki-Taka, claiming of course that, it is the reason why Spain has been kicked out early from of the World Cup. Which is a weird view to have, considering that tactical styles or “schools of thought” can’t simply die. They can however become temporarily vulnerable and exposed, – especially when they have been used in top-level football for quite a while, like tiki-taka was and still is in Spanish football, whether by the national team, or clubs like Barcelona …

Written on 26 Jun 2014 | No Comments

If you can’t beat them, join them. It was so often the refrain of teams in response to demoralizing defeats at the hands of the Spanish national team, or their club side equivalent the all-conquering Barcelona under Pep Guardiola, as teams sought to emulate what seemed to be the definitive answer to successful football. But now it may be just the mantra that saves the future of Spanish international football.
As the first team eliminated from this World Cup, the defending Champions were blown away by Netherlands and had little …

Written on 26 Jun 2014 | No Comments

France won group E and progressed into the last 16 of the World Cup after drawing against Ecuador at Rio de Janeiro`s Estadio do Maracana.
A red card for Ecuador captain, Antonio Valencia, condemned Ecuador as the first South American team to leave the tournament.
France, who only needed a point to get through the group stages, made six changes from the team that won 5-2 against Switzerland,
One absentee was Yohan Cabaye who was serving his match ban for two yellow cards, as France looked to go eight games without …

Written on 25 Jun 2014 | No Comments

Every four years a competition comes along that takes over television for 30 odd days like no other. The Olympics is massive but unless it’s a huge event and/or a unique sportsman or woman are involved it it still a niche market in my opinion, I got sucked into the 2012 Olympics even after spending quite a few years as a sceptical native of London.
But to me as a football fan and to millions of others, nothing stirs passions and awakens primal national pride like a world cup, all of …

Written on 25 Jun 2014 | No Comments

Luis Suarez has really given people a lot to sink their teeth into over the last few years, but this is a drama that will certainly not go away. Many people will have different thoughts and feelings about the incident that occurred in the clash between Uruguay and Italy, here are just a few different points of view;
The Psychologists: This season with Liverpool, Luis Suarez had regular access to Dr Steve Peters, he did not accumulate a single red card! Whilst Uruguay admirably dealt with his physical injury, their failure …

Written on 23 Jun 2014 | No Comments

Opening night July 12th, Brazil kick off their own World Cup campaign with a win, albeit with a little help from a Japanese referee who hasn’t been seen since. Roy’s boys were in Rio relaxing in their luxury abode waiting for their opening game against the mighty Italians.
So Saturday came and England’s multi- million pound squad had come to the jungle, Manaus to be exact to kick off their own campaign and to get their hands on the Jules Rimet trophy. The talking had been done it was time to …

Written on 22 Jun 2014 | No Comments

The ongoing World Cup, the third tournament since Facebook’s creation in 2003 and Twitter’s explosion in 2006, will be the most sociable ever. Twitter saw more tweets before the competition kicked off on Thursday than it did for the whole of the 2010 campaign. Of the 32 competing nations, 30 have official twitter accounts and more than 300 participating players tweet, presenting the possibility of ever higher levels of player to fan engagement during the tournament.
The creation of social media means brands now have a new means by which to …

Written on 16 Jun 2014 | 2 Comments

When Group G was drawn out of the hat, the immediate reaction was that Germany and Portugal would cake walk the group for obvious reasons. However is there any chance of Ghana posing an apparent upset? Let’s not forget this is the joint most successful African country to content in the World Cup. What exactly are the strengths and weaknesses of this Ghanaian squad?
Half of 2010’s quarter final starting 11 remain in the first team. This experience will surely come to bear especially considering anyone who watched that quarter final …

Written on 15 Jun 2014 | One Comment

- Fans cite heat and humidity as factors most likely to scupper England’s chances this summer
- A third of fans also believe fear the official ball will hamper the national team’s chances
The nation’s obsession with the weather continues: footy fans across England have revealed that the weather is top of their list of concerns when it comes to our team’s chances of victory in Brazil this summer, according to new research released by Captain Morgan today.
Over half believe that the heat and humidity will be responsible for the national team playing badly, as they are unused …

Written on 11 Jun 2014 | No Comments

Imagine being a goalkeeper and you have just been bought by one of the most decorated clubs in Football. When making your debut, a dream start would obviously be winning the game, but from an individual standpoint, picture saving a late penalty to cement the victory, well on his Liverpool debut, that is exactly what Simon Mignolet did. His joy must have been unexplainable. Did this save though raise the bar too high for the rest of his first season on Merseyside? How exactly has replacing long time Liverpool number one PepeReina distinguished Mignolet’s performances? Let’s take a …